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Wonderful product!

"This book was my bible. I used it myself for the first four months, documenting when and how much my son ate, how many diapers he went through, his sleep schedule, and most importantly, the immunizations. When it was time for me to go back to work, my nanny used it as well. It was a great tool to keep us both on the same page. When I came home, I didn't have to ask her a million questions about how he slept, what he ate, how many diapers he went through, etc. It was all there in the book. It also came in handy when grandma watched him or daddy was home alone with him."

Marne Lee West

Must Have!

"I was introduced to the 1st edition of this journal when I would watch my nephew. To be honest, I thought my sister was crazy for wanting me to document every little thing, but the more I watched him, the more I realized how helpful this book really was. When I got pregnant for my first child, my sister asked if I would like a journal like the one she had and I said, ABSOLUTELY! If she didn't buy it for me, I would have bought it for myself. This journal is perfect for busy, sleep deprived mothers because if your child if fussy and you're trying to figure out why, you just have to look in your book and you can determine if he is hungry or tired based on what you documented. There are so many times that I have to look at the journal to figure out when I fed him last. If I didn't have this journal, I wouldn't have a clue or a good routine. Every mother should have one for each baby!"

Aislynn Coager

Great for daycare or grandma!!!

"I loved this product. I was able to see in an instant how my child slept that day which allowed me to prepare for the evening. It was great for communication between daycare when I was in a rush to chat. It was nice that there were no papers to lose. I loved that it documented my child's first year of life. I could write notes in it for when he got teeth, rolled over etc.... I loved it so much I used it with my daughter. I used the reference from my sons log to reference patterns for my daughter. It is so hard to remember from one kid to the next and it was all there. The sheets from daycare would have gotten lost or I would have never saved.  I highly recommend this to any working mother whether a first time mom or not."


What a helpful tool!

"This book gets five stars because our family used it with our first two children and loved, loved, loved it. It was so helpful when my husband took off with our second (I know amazing husband, haha) to come home and know exactly where to pick up.  It definitely helps when going to the doctor to know how long the baby feeds and how they sleep. We are expecting our third any day now and have already ordered our third book. Thankfully, we still have the books from our previous two so we can look back to get an idea of what they were doing at a certain age. This would be an excellent shower gift, or welcome home baby gift! We cannot recommend this book to enough people!"

Christine Evans

Extremely Useful!!!

"I had no idea how hard it would be to keep track of feedings and nap time. This was given to me as a gift, and I am so grateful it was. I use it daily! I can easily see patterns of sleep which make scheduling appointments and outings a breeze.  What I also love, is that I can keep track of my son's growth and medical history all in one location. I bring this book to all his doctor appointments and have all his information at my fingertips.  An unexpected bonus, because I am not good at journaling, is that this book allows me to write down milestones like first smile, first laugh, sleeping thru the night, etc. without feeling like I have to have this long drawn out descriptions."

Cari Bartnick

The only book you need...

"This is a great journal book. I can track my baby’s feeding, pooping and more.  It’s great when the doctor asked at a monthly check-up. How many times your baby eat? How much does she eat? How many poops in a day? This book is small enough to fit in my diaper bag that I can just whip it out and show the doctor. Super useful! When you’re sleep deprived you need to write your baby’s schedule down otherwise you don’t remember when and how many times your baby eats/poop. I would recommend this to anyone who has a newborn.  I’m planning to keep this as a keepsake and give it to my baby when she’s grown up :)"


Great product!

"This book is so helpful for day to day with a new baby. It was everything in it that I would want to track. When I bring baby from one room to another, the book comes with us. The book will be very helpful when I go back to work in a couple weeks and baby goes to babysitter. I can leave the book with babysitter and have her continue to track her eating, sleeping and changing schedule. I highly recommend this, as a new mom, it has everything I didn't know I would need in one easy to document place."

Jenny C.

Twin Parent Must Have!

"My pediatrician loves when I pull this out of my diaper bag and give her exact diaper, sleep, and feeding numbers. I like the book setup with each twin having their own page. I recommend this product to any twin parents out there."

Amazon Customer

Perfect layout for keeping track of my twins...

"Perfect lay out for keeping track of my twins first year. I love that it even reminds me to record the milestones as well as the basics (bowel movements, nursing/feeding patterns, pumping, etc). Lightweight and compact so easy to bring with me. I highly recommend this for any busy parent of twins that is trying to keep track through the blur of sleep deprivation."

Jane Epstein