1.  creator of “Feed Me, Change Me, Love Me”  Baby Tracker Journal for mom, dad, or care-taker to record daily routines and view weekly patterns to best organize and simplify life with a newborn.


Phuong was working as a project engineer when her first son, William was born. Known as the “spreadsheet queen” at work, it is no surprise that the first edition of the Feed Me • Change Me • Love Me tracker was created soon after returning from maternity leave as a way to stay organized while juggling motherhood and work.
Although there were positive reviews from friends and family for the prototype, it sat in the back burner because “life” happened.

Five Years Later

Nikki, who not only is Phuong’s cousin-in-law but a graphic designer, was introduced to the baby tracker when she gave birth to her first child, Sebastien. What was sitting in the back burner for all of those years was brought back to the forefront with the introduction of the newly redesigned Feed Me • Change Me • Love Me baby trackers by Apluum.

Officially launched in 2014, Apluum’s mission is to help moms everywhere to juggle, but not struggle, when caring for a newborn or infant during their first year of life.

In 2015, Phuong and Nikki introduced the new twin baby tracker because a pregnant friend expecting twins asked for one. And they gladly obliged because they couldn’t imagine life with twins without a tracker!